Thursday, November 15, 2012

For Fallbreak Todd took 2 weeks off which was great. We went to Zermatt with the kids. The GPS let us to a train which loads the cars unto it. the kids loved it going on a train and through the mountain (Todd enjoyed getting a break from driving too :))

  Here we are at Zermatt trying to get a nice view of the Matterhorn (but we never did ;) just the bottom of it. The day after we left had clear sky (my brother in law who stayed a day longer with his family send us a pic of the Matterhorn ;))

 This is Natalie being a daredevil, she did a ropecourse.

Todd got to go inside the worlds highest glacier. Aaron wasnt a fan. Even with winterclothes he was still cold. Anabelle and Mommie stayed behind because the altitude was to high for the baby.

                                                    How beautiful Switzerland is in the fall.

So I am scared of heights all right. I almost cried because i didnt want to go across this hanging bridge. Todd took a pic of me pouting (until i sang 'I am a child of God' that helped me across :))

 We had a great time. Todd went biking downhill with his nephew and brother-in-law, we went hiking,we had a bbq. it was a great trip even though we never saw the matterhorn all the way;)

Natalie and Aaron with their big cousin

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Tina said...

Thank you for sharing the exciting moments you have had! Incredible pictures and such beautiful grandbabies! Sure do love and miss my little Swiss treasures.